Homework Help FAQ

1. How should I make the payment and is it secured?

Yes, it is a secure mode of payment. You can either pay by Credit Card or PayPal by clicking on the make payment button on our website. After receiving the payment a mail would be sent to you saying we received the payment with the transaction ID

2. How can I check the status of my assignment?

You can either email us or come online and chat with our support representatives and find out.

3. After receiving a quote, what if I am not willing to pay amount specified?

It is totally up to you and not a compulsion. If you are willing you can pay.

4. How is your service better than other companies?

We motto is “customers are more important than money” and that’s why are we stand first among stiff competition..

5. How is the price determined for each assignment?

The price of a assignment depends on the following factors -Grade or level of the course -Number of questions -Time frame provided. See the Sample Assignment Solutions.

6. What is that unique in your service -Our library and the tutor panel is our strength

What if I am not satisfied with the Homework Answers? If in case you are not satisfied with the solutions provided, you can initiate a rework request. Your assignment would be worked by another tutor and if your are still not satisfied we may initiate refund.

7. Are all your tutors well qualified?

All tutors at HomeworkHelpOut at least hold masters in their respective subjects and at least 5 years of college teaching experience

8. How can I submit my homework?

You can either mail your assignments to info@homeworkhelpout.com or submit it on our website by clicking on the make Submit Homework Online.

9. Will additional fee be demanded after the initial payment?

You would just be charged once and no additional cost at any cost would be demanded.